Areon is getting a redesign

There might be some rough edges here and there for now.
Hang tight, updates are coming.

Shuttle Up is here

The hardest space mission in the universe

That’s probably the best description for our new game Shuttle Up.
What’s this game about? It’s about being the best.

Try to get as high as possible, but watch out for the blocks. The get passed them, you have to get as close as possible, and wait for them to slide away.

Shuttle Up is free and available for Windows Phone and Android.

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Diabetes now available on WP8

The smartest companion for diabetics.

“Diabetes” keeps track of your blood sugar values and presents them in an intuitive overview with the ability to export your history.

With the built-in HbA1c-calculator and the corresponding statistics you will never have to worry about losing track of your most important data again.

What makes “Diabetes” stand out is its BU-search engine wherewith you can find, calculate and import bread unit values for groceries.

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Download Diabates (Free + Trial) right here from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Jokebox Update 1.1

The first update for Jokebox is ready and comes with the following changelog:

  • Share option added
  • Favorite option added
  • Joke now scrollable, when longer than visual area
  • Stricter deletion rules, when jokes tend to get more downvotes
  • Faster loading times
  • Localization for Turkey

The update will be available at the end of this week.
To download Jokebox now visit your Windows Phone Marketplace.

Jokebox is out now

A free, light-weight, user-driven joke app.

Jokebox is our newest app in the Windows Phone Marketplace and is made for the sole purpose of telling jokes amongst its users. All jokes, once told, are to be voted up or down.  Each upvote will count as a point, you will get for your profile.

There is no editorial control and no human moderation in any way.
Not so funny jokes will be deleted, once our ever-checking algorithm decides to.

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Jokebox is available right now. Click here to download Jokebox.

Seasons Update 1.2

The next update of Seasons is on the way.

This is update is focused on technical performance and therefore there is not much of a
difference you can see. But there is a big difference in terms of gameplay:

The game now runs very smooth and has no more frame-drops.  It’s also more accessible
than before; Meaning, that obstacles won’t come fast as they currently do.

All in all this updates comes again with 11 fixes, which you really will enjoy.

The update 1.2 will be available next week and is currently in certifiation.

Seasons update 1.1

We just submitted the first update of Seasons.

This update comes with 11 fixes to the bugs you can see below:

  • WP7-Devices now supported (with compatibility mode)
  • PwUps: Magnet didn’t appear during gameplay
  • PwUps: You can’t upgrade DoubleLeaf
  • PwUps: After RunMode, obstacles coming too early
  • PwUps: Ezras shadow had a problem during Runmode
  • Magic: You can’t upgrade ReGen of Snatcher
  • Winter: SlideObstacle is too high
  • Death: Occasional jump/dash after death
  • FlyMode: PathDust coming in too early (during landing)
  • Achievements/Stats: Total Leaves count not correct
  • Main Menu: Highscore alignment not centered

Update 1.1 will be released next week.

Seasons is final

The next game of ours is done. And ready for everyone with a WP8.

With all information already written right here, you can jump right to the trailer:

Seasons will be available only for Windows Phone 8, starting from 23.11.2013.

Seasons Multiplayer & Upgrading

The latest update in our beta brings Seasons to a new Level.

Now we are almost done. With version 0.0.07 Seasons is now equipped with a Mutliplayer-Mode and an Upgrade-System. And wrapping all that is the new Menu you can see right here.

This mode is tied in to the regular single-player experience. Meaning that Seasons will search for another live session around the globe as you play.
Once connected to an opponent, the multiplayer-interface will show up and with that the abilities you can use to attack your enemy.

The goal in Multiplayer-Mode is to bring your enemy to fall. Once he died, you’ll win yourself a higher status and a leave-pack.

You can upgrade two things in Seasons: The Power-Ups, which appear during single-player (and multiplayer) and the before mentioned magic abilities. Each magic ability consists of 3 factors you can level up. There is Power, Durability and Regeneration.

The more durability your magic has, the longer it takes effect on your opponent. The lower Regeneration is, the faster your magic is recovered.
Your Power will decide who wins the round. If the magic of your opponent is more powerful than the one you used, he will win. No matter which ability it is.

The 16th of October is the official date on which Seasons will leave the beta.
By then, we will have an exciting, deep and joyful game.

How long does it take to load Seasons on your device

We would like to know, how long you have to wait until Seasons starts on your device.

There are a lot of sites on the internet which provide a basic stopwatch for you to measure the length of the loading time of your
device. So use your preferred search engine, and measure your loading time of Seasons.